What is the best material to use for my fence?

The type of material to use for your fence depends largely on the purpose of the fence. One type of material is not necessarily better than another. The intended purpose of the fence, the unique characteristics of your yard, and the visual result you would like to achieve are, all important considerations in determining what type of materials best fits your needs. At the time of your estimate FINE will be happy to assist you in selecting the style and type of fence that best suits your needs.

Is FINE Fence licensed and insured?

FINE Fence, a division of FINE Contracting, LLC, is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Maryland Home Improvement Commission License #93605, complaint free.

What are my payment options?

FINE accepts Visa, Discover, Master Card (with no surcharge). Also accepted are personal checks and cash. In addition we can arrange affordable payment plans, to include Same As Cash options, with no added surcharge.

Do I need a building permit for a fence?

Some counties in Maryland And West Virginia may require a building permit. In addition, often cities or townships have their own permit requirements. FINE can assist you in determining whether or not a permit is required for your project. FINE also offers full permitting services at no additional charge. As fencing professionals we consider this part of our job.